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How Do the Russians Murder

Vladimir Putin and his services are using their best efforts to continue the tradition of the NKVD and the KGB. At the same time, Western intelligence services are keeping an extremely close eye on all cases of deaths among Putin's critics. Russian immigrants' life is not safe; they are exposed to such dangers as irradiation, poisoning, heart attacks or even assassination attempt during a street execution.

Moscow seeks to clean the world from its traitors or enemies by using Kurara or other natural toxins, radioactive agents, poison-packed objets, dioxins that cannot be detected in the victim's body or specially trained agents whose task is to simulate suicide.


Publisher: Czerwone i Czarne

 ISBN: 978-83-7700-246-9

 Publication year: 2016 

Language: POL 

Cover: brochure 

Number of pages: 320 

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