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Lech Kaczyński: President of Poland's Supreme Audit Office (1992-1995)

The nine-chapter publication provides a review of circumstances in which Lech Kaczyński was appointed President of the Supreme Audit Office as well as details on the institution's reforms (including its organizational, substantial and personal aspects). Moreover, the author focuses on such issues as control over most important areas of state's activities, cooperation with foreign-based entities, providing the institution with an appropriate legal framework through a new act's legislative process and, last but not least, reasons for Kaczynski's resignation from the post. The last chapter of the book presents opinions and reviews as well as reminiscences about Lech Kaczyński, an homage paid by his closest associates in the Supreme Audit Office.


Publisher: The Warsaw Institute Review Sp. z o.o.

Code:   ISBN: 978-83-952989-0-5

Publication year: 2018

Language: POL 

Cover: hard

Number of pages: 184

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